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Caitie By Calum_daddy Updated Feb 23, 2016

Caitie Greene is a pure, innocent minded, home-schooled 15 year old girl. As any innocent-minded girl would, she loves to wear high waisted pink skirts and knee high frilly socks, never did she think that they could be classified as sexual, countless times her mother had told her to change her clothes of pull her skirt down a bit, but Caitie never saw the problem, why would anyone find interest in a girl like Caitie?   
That's when Luke Hemmings, 19 year old high school drop out, came along, when Luke laid his eyes on Caitie he'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life, perfect baby girl material, forever he had been longing for someone as innocent as Caitie seemed, his ambition to ruin her pureness and taint her innocence, what happens when Caitie's mother, Ellen needs take part in a full-time job so they can keep their house, dad is gone now as well what can they do? Ellen decides it's best for Caitie to get a tutor, will Luke swoop in and save Ellen's day and also claim Caiti...

breadskin_upie breadskin_upie Jun 28, 2016
BREAD MAKES THE BOOTY BIG but my booty is too big I need to stop eating bread
joshdunclique joshdunclique Jun 28, 2016
niall fooking horan get back to the greene household or so help me...
cals_fine_booty cals_fine_booty Mar 13, 2016
You know what same I need to go buy some bread brb fam. Oh and before I go get some more bread do any of you need anything else? Like tampons? Cóndoms? Ice cream? Holy water maybe?
alienatedcth alienatedcth Feb 21, 2016
this book has inspired me to wear a dress or skirt EVERYTIMe I leave the house. If not a skirt, then short shorts or tight skinny jeans. umma get myself a daddy
KaylinThatcher KaylinThatcher Sep 16, 2015
It was perfect can you update again plz I really like this story.