Ashley's Asylum

Ashley's Asylum

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Bea Davies By Infamous Updated Sep 25

Two serial killers. One Captive. Zero chance of survival. 

Ashley is on a one-way road trip with the worst passengers imaginable. There's no luggage for this journey, she's the only baggage they brought along. 
Currently concussed, when Ashley wakes up she will remember, that she has been kidnapped by the most notorious serial killers of our time and her days alive are numbered! 

#ASensualRead #TwistedPlot 

[The Asylum Trilogy: Book 2]

©2010 by Infamous

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Is this book a sequel to something ? 
                              Or can i read it just lyk that ? @Infamous
- - May 16, 2015
**shrieks in excitement** I though Desert Boys was the second book and you haven't even started! Oh my happy days...oh please I hope I didn't just jinx myself...
nightlies nightlies Mar 08, 2015
I just started reading this, so far it's amazing! Your writing style is gorgeous as well.