The Sand & The Sandstone (BWWM)

The Sand & The Sandstone (BWWM)

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Melanin Jewel By ohflorencejack Completed

"Are you ever gonna tell me why I shouldn't be afraid of you?" I ask with my heart in my throat and a stampede in my stomach.

"No." His rough, deep voice penetrates the never-ending darkness that surrounds us.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and stop them from crawling through my skin. "And why not?"

"Because you should be."

Thanks to @proudsgoofys for this amazing cover

dankhoneybun dankhoneybun Sep 06, 2016
Back at it again with the dad coonery 😕 like... high school means ya kid is practically grown.
territurner29 territurner29 Oct 01, 2016
She can't be black.we r no u should be running the other way. Hide out til it's clear.
Mine is like three and I'm 19 and if I'm at a party could be later but my best friend hers is 6 and I'm just like wtf really at this point I go out with other people because her mom treats her like she's five.
JordanAshley555 JordanAshley555 Aug 28, 2016
                              She better be 10 or else we gone have a problem
Stachathegemini Stachathegemini Dec 06, 2016
7? Yoo thats way to early. When i was 14/15 mine was 11. But then again, i always told my parents where i was going &called or went home to check in
territurner29 territurner29 Oct 01, 2016
That's  my grandmom she didn't care.we better come home before the street lights came on.going to bed when the sun still out.she was a boot camp grandma for real.older cousins before us laugh at us.coming us   jail babies.