The Sand & The Sandstone (BWWM)

The Sand & The Sandstone (BWWM)

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Melanin Jewel By ohflorencejack Completed

"Are you ever gonna tell me why I shouldn't be afraid of you?" I ask with my heart in my throat and a stampede in my stomach.

"No." His rough, deep voice penetrates the never-ending darkness that surrounds us.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and stop them from crawling through my skin. "And why not?"

"Because you should be."

Thanks to @proudsgoofys for this amazing cover

Back at it again with the dad coonery 😕 like... high school means ya kid is practically grown.
She can't be black.we r no u should be running the other way. Hide out til it's clear.
                              She better be 10 or else we gone have a problem
Stachathegemini Stachathegemini a day ago
7? Yoo thats way to early. When i was 14/15 mine was 11. But then again, i always told my parents where i was going &called or went home to check in
That's  my grandmom she didn't care.we better come home before the street lights came on.going to bed when the sun still out.she was a boot camp grandma for real.older cousins before us laugh at us.coming us   jail babies.
Church can be fun! My church goes skating, Cedar Point, has a fashion show, youth revival, and throws a carnival annually.