The stripper and the business man(bwwm)#wattys2016

The stripper and the business man(bwwm)#wattys2016

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I'm yo daddy By urdaddy23 Updated a day ago

 My name is Daniyelle Smith I'm 17 years old and I work at a strip joint called "Candy Canes." The only reason I started working here is because I need to pay for college and I know damn well my broke ass father won't come through ever since the day my mom passed........ On to the next nigga she could get her hands on so she left me at about 13 years old I couldn't get a job anywhere else so I came here I knew how to work the pole because I was in gymnastics since I was in the third grade-

I was snapped out of my daze by my friend Keisha. 

"Tinker you betta getcha ass out there before cane come up in here!" She said yelling

"Okay I was just getting ready." I said back

"Mhm" she said walking out. She's a handful I swear

By the way my stripper stage name is "tinker"

I walked out on stage all eyes on me, my first day here I was nervous but eventually got the hang of it. As I slowly began to disrobe I heard whistling that made me smile a little, I was wearing black and white laced l...

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Sexy boy *inserts heart eyes* why can't hot men like Stephen James be into me or even live in my state 😭
Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Aug 07
This is the thing to say when u see a fine a$$ man and 'bout to passed out
pookie_mani pookie_mani Dec 16, 2016
Finally someone who doesn't start off a story with their parents tragically dying somehow and ending up alone
Skulls_and_blood Skulls_and_blood Jun 05, 2016
You do know thats Stephen James and not Colton Haynes right?
anitacrida anitacrida May 29, 2016
I know that trick...See the hot guy coming, just faint
                              I get it I want him to lift me up too
Angielb73 Angielb73 Sep 24, 2016
Hey this book is going to be a awesome book n her night and  shining armor to her rescue