daddy's baby girl. // ashton irwin

daddy's baby girl. // ashton irwin

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"I miss him.. I need him." The words flow from her mouth as a soft whisper, along with the tears making moist stripes along her face. She covered her face with her hands, muffling her gentle sobs. He had been gone, he was always gone. The one person she trusted the most, was no longer there. No longer with in reach. A gentle cuddle wasn't possible. A phone call was never enough. 

"I'm here, baby girl." A voice whispers. In fear, she looks back, curious but frightened. The voice was different, but there were similarities. But she didn't say anything, not being able to see in the dim lighting. The shadow looked familiar, the height. The build. 



"C'mere, Princess." He pats his lap, taking a swig from the bottle of vodka. I crawl over slowly, crawling into his lap. I couldn't resist.. Why would I? I had to follow my orders, right? A good girl is a good girl, not a bad girl. My back was pressed against his hard chest, the muscle intimidating me. His large hands hold my small waist, his lips burning holes into my neck. I whimper softly, shifting in his lap. My neck and collarbones were covered, dark purple and red marks all over. A little reminder that I was his, no one else. And a warning for men that took a second glance. I wasn't allowed to cover them up with make up. His hand trails down lower, his fingers playing with the hem of my light pink panties. 

"You're so adorable, baby girl." His raspy voice whispers in my ear, taking a little nibble at my earlobe. I whimper, closing my eyes.

"T-Thank you daddy." I say softly, a blush washing over my little cheeks. 

"You're daddy's baby girl. You always will be."


By: @ashtons_bananaaaaa
Cover: @ashtons_bananaaaaa

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I don't get it either.... can someone pwetty please explain it?
Panic_in_Phantasia Panic_in_Phantasia Jun 18, 2016
I thought it was alphabetical order so how is she last if her name is Cage?
-PinkBitch- -PinkBitch- Jul 01, 2016
Am I the only one who cringes when they see the word panties?
CutVertically CutVertically Jun 20, 2016
Going through her emo phase I see