My Brother's Best Friend // d.h. [UNEDITED]

My Brother's Best Friend // d.h. [UNEDITED]

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! UNEDITED ! i do plan to edit this story very soon, but as of now it has not undergone any editing. most of this story was written at like 4 in the morning when i was undoubtedly high on caffeine, so it has it's share of mistakes, whether they're spelling or grammar mistakes or they're plot mistakes, i plan on fixing them all soon.

16 year old Nicole is constantly teased by her older brother's best friend. What happens when she finds herself falling for him?

I know, not original at all. I don't care. I wanted to write one. And I'm total shit at writing descriptions.. But I promise my writing ability is better. slightly.

RealMelonPie RealMelonPie Sep 18, 2016
Holy crap I just realised
                              There's a guy in my school called Luka who looks exactly like Luca in this.
                              I'm effing scared~
Can anyone else like picture this like really vividly nope alrighty then *dives back into to trashcan avoiding anymore social interaction*
__geek__ __geek__ Nov 08, 2016
WaffleCatCake WaffleCatCake Sep 18, 2016
Dan if he went into THERE. *points to the outside world* Any of y'all ever gone there?
WaffleCatCake WaffleCatCake Sep 18, 2016
                              (Cheeky DHMIS reference there ;3)