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Queen of Bad Endings By AutumnZoeyAthena Completed

(Gravity Falls Fanfic)

Definition of Semblance:
The state of being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing.

With the Pines family tricked, and wary of each other, Bill Cipher puts together a plan to merge Reality with the dreaded Nightmare Realm using the Rift.
However, things don't go exactly as planned.

(Disclaimer: Gravity Falls does not belong to me. It belongs to the fabulous Alex Hirsch, as well as Disney.)

(Based on the Gravity Falls Transcendence AU)

That was hilarious, [[If you are not in the Homestuck fandom you probably won't under stand this next thing so...[Why am I even writing this, this is a Gravity Falls fanfic]] kind of reminds me of karats memos.
I like the words "Blah Blah Blah" it's basically describing mr
Multi-Gamer10 Multi-Gamer10 Dec 11, 2016
Oh my gods, it's like a group of people are actually writing this! XD
Septiplier-alphyne Septiplier-alphyne Dec 31, 2016
Which edit did this then? Edit, Edit Edit, or Edit Edit Edit
AbbyKitty47 AbbyKitty47 Oct 24, 2016
This AN alone us the single best thing that I've read today.
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31 would have been 32 but you missed an edit. (I counted all of the edit words XD, your welcome!)