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(Gravity Falls Fanfic)

Definition of Semblance:
The state of being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing.

With the Pines family tricked, and wary of each other, Bill Cipher puts together a plan to merge Reality with the dreaded Nightmare Realm using the Rift.
However, things don't go exactly as planned.

(Disclaimer: Gravity Falls does not belong to me. It belongs to the fabulous Alex Hirsch, as well as Disney.)

(Based on the Gravity Falls Transcendence AU)

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le_nootles le_nootles Aug 21
Who knows
                              I wasnt here when this was birthed into this miserable floating rock
le_nootles le_nootles Aug 21
Future self roasts Past self like they were all babies
                              But secretly future self is also a big savage baby
That was hilarious, [[If you are not in the Homestuck fandom you probably won't under stand this next thing so...[Why am I even writing this, this is a Gravity Falls fanfic]] kind of reminds me of karats memos.
I like the words "Blah Blah Blah" it's basically describing mr
Multi-Gamer10 Multi-Gamer10 Dec 11, 2016
Oh my gods, it's like a group of people are actually writing this! XD
Septiplier-alphyne Septiplier-alphyne Dec 31, 2016
Which edit did this then? Edit, Edit Edit, or Edit Edit Edit