The Princess And The Asshole (Percabeth fanfiction)

The Princess And The Asshole (Percabeth fanfiction)

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God bless Sweden, Sarah is here By Sarahsnothere Completed

Sometimes you get a little too obsessed with getting your happy ending. After watching too many chick flicks you think that it happens to everyone. They find the perfect guy, they become the perfect couple and then one day they end up getting married and having three kids named nature names like Lily, Summer and Palm Tree.

What's sad is that I actually thought that was going to happen with Percy and I. We were obviously incapable of staying away from each other, so maybe we were just meant to end up together in the end. I mean he forgave me, I forgave him. We forgave each other, and even though we only shook hands after that I knew it wouldn't be the end of us. So, call me naïve for wanting my own fairytale, but let's be real. All girls want their own fairytale and their own prince charming, so even though I've been on Santa's naughty list for a few years I figured I deserved that too. I mean heck, there are worse people who have gotten all that.

But you know, life's a bitch.

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Annabeth please chill gods I mean me too but still c h i l l
lowkey sounds cringe af tbh like I love the song but this sounds kind of cringe
While reading this I was thinking: oh no, the persassy comments...
SwirleyPlays SwirleyPlays 3 days ago
You should have done it like 'He. was. My. Ride. home. FRICK.
Ok so my eyes skipped over shirt and I thought it just said he was wearing a plain white dress. Goodness gracious I snorted so loud that I  almost woke up my parents
spawnoftheseagod spawnoftheseagod Dec 28, 2016
dolores umbridge drank some polyjuice potion to torture muggles, but i guess it wore off.