Fake or real?(BTS Jimin)

Fake or real?(BTS Jimin)

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Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ By Baby_Pika_Ami Completed

"I need you to do me a favor." -Jimin
"Why should I? O.o" -Eunji 
"If you don't then I'll tell everyone your secret." 

Jung Eunji, sister of Jung hoseok, has gotten herself into trouble. She has to be Jimin's (the bad-boy yet one of hoseok's friend) 'fake' girlfriend because he wants to get back with Yumi(Jimin's ex.) If she does not listen to him, Jimin will tell everyone that she is the sister of Hoseok and also a stalker of Taehyung. How would Eunji deal with him? Will their feelings change throughout the process? 

Started: 9/7/15
Completed: 11/14/15

There is no rule that, you can say someone about this problem
                              So basically you could just tell Jhope about this.......right....?
SosoMarroqi SosoMarroqi Apr 28
I laughed at his comment 😂😂 well that's actually me looking at Jungkook's thighs  😍😍
Then if Yumi take Jimin back right now. THE STORY IS NOT CREATED TT
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Jimin's weakness is his lost jam T_T I hope you find your lost jams Jiminie
- - Feb 13