Kurapika x Reader

Kurapika x Reader

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fairytailxhunter By fairytailxhunter Updated Jun 18, 2016

Kurapika x Reader One Shots!! 


A lot of different stories. I hope you enjoy!

TheTrueEarl TheTrueEarl Jul 01
First of all, I'm nobody's. Second of all, I legit met you a few weeks ago. Last but not least, I like how quickly he got over her saying she was a murderer. Honestly, Kurapika. You have weird tastes.
Roses are red
                              Their thorns are prickly 
                              Might I add
                              That escalated quickly
And I'm here lurking in the shadows while watching crush from afar. You're lucky, author-san, you're lucky.
I'm the kind of person that trips, then lands on their face, no one catches me. Lol I trip quite often though XD
Miza_Otaku Miza_Otaku Jul 19
My first time suggestion will make you cringe...
Miza_Otaku Miza_Otaku Jul 19
Being carried by shirtless Kurapika...
                              *dies of nosebleed*