Just Trust Me; Zendaya & Bella Lesbian Story {Book 1}

Just Trust Me; Zendaya & Bella Lesbian Story {Book 1}

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Allysus Korslay By msdrunkinlove Completed

My hands travel across her soft skin, memorizing every inch of her body, my nerves drowned out by marijuana. 

I could tell she was as nervous as me, even though I played this moment in my head a million times.

Her eyes never leave mine as she undresses me, my body aching for her touch.

I kiss down her chest, her hands gripping my hair as she moans my name. 

Rated Ꭱ for sexual content, language, and violence. Read at your own risk. {Book 1}

© 2/12/16

By the way this really sucks, the sequel is better, but still, this was my first story, so it's more of practice. Sorry 😐

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  • interracial
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Obiwankenobe Obiwankenobe Jul 13, 2017
Back then I wasn't allowed to wear tight ass jeans.
                              "You're being to grown." 
                              "Who are you trying to impress."
                              "Where do you think you're going with those on?Go change."
Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Oct 21, 2016
That's wat they all say (There is no way I'm attracted to girls) ik cuz I said the same thing but now I'm proud of being a lesbian
April902 April902 Nov 25, 2016
U sure about that cause ur thong is wetter then the niagra falls thinking about her
twistedgeek44 twistedgeek44 Aug 08, 2016
That's a lie from the pits of hell (jeans not being feminine enough)