Quan After Dark

Quan After Dark

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. By xCountryBoiix Updated Feb 26, 2016

I don't fuck in books that's just weird but I do write down shit that pop up in my head see my shit would have been all nasty and shit I would a been like........................

-Throws you on the couch and spreads your legs open like a birds wings making you go into a split then slides your panties to the side kissing your pussy lips-

Then she would have moaned 
Then I'd be like 

-rips your panties in and spreads your pussy lips open putting the tip of my tongue directly on your clit sucking it dry-

She would have Jerked and put her legs on my shoulders and I would a been like..

-Laps my tongue around your clit in a fast motion smacking your thigh hard-

She'd jerk some more than cum and I'd be like 

-Stands up and unbuckles my belt taking it off and tying your arms above your head then pulls my dick out my boxers looking at you- 

......I need serious help but my fucking shit would be on point lol 

loveshaeshae loveshaeshae Jun 11, 2016
When u no he good in bed without even having the experience🙏😱
ShaniquaCooper ShaniquaCooper Mar 06, 2016
This one is gonna be hard to top! Lol. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Nana_baeee Nana_baeee May 03, 2016
Gawwwwwhhhhhhh damnnnnnnn quan were u come up with this stuff
zoey21864 zoey21864 Sep 30, 2016
Well damn you would've thought it was ghetto Shakespeare up in dis b lol jk
Fxmaledrake Fxmaledrake Nov 01, 2015
O.O I wake up and I see this down my nf then when I click on it and read it..I was shocked I wasn't ready for this at all.
shordimac shordimac Nov 01, 2015
- Lurks Hard Asf ... Boiiiii Where Yo Mama&Daddy When You Doing All This