The Midnight Creepers

The Midnight Creepers

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Carolina👽👽 By lys_kys Updated Jun 13

What happens when you come face to face with the gang everyone warned you about? Do you run? Hide? Make them not notice you? 

But what do you do when you become a witness of on of their murders?...You run for your life!

"Let me go" I said struggling to get the gigantic beast off of me. He didn't let go. I took the best idea that developed in peanut sized brain and I kissed his angelic lips.
Yup, I kissed him, I'm stupid. 
I know. He finally loosened his grip and I kicked him were the sun doesn't shine, I hope.
He yelped in pain. I felt sorry for him, but then I remembered that I could've died because of him. I ran away as fast as I could. I hope I wont be seeing them again.

That's exactly my friends. That's why I hang with the boys, girls are too overwhelming and always gossip which is boring
Just bc you cant defend yourself, dont have friends, a family dosent mean ur usless that just means youll learn to be something great on your own! This made me sad so I just wanted to put my opinion out there😛
Why is she carrying a backpack or do I not know what a jansport is
I'll eat/drink all of that stuff except I only really like watermelon Arizona
Is it okay if they copy the general idea of the story like witnessing the gang murder and they say they got the idea from you but they don't copy the rest of the story they just use that basic idea and like I said before, say they got the idea from you (I won't do this I'm just curious)
Off topic: Its 4 in the morning, I'm sitting in the dark, on wattpad, and my cat just FARTED. And it reeks