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Master Dragneel

Master Dragneel

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Kaylie Cherry By PapiLevii Completed

Lucy was abused as a child by her father and her mother protected her....until one day, Jude loses control and Layla's life is lost in the process but since then her father stopped abusing her but began to gamble and he became in debt to many families... the Stratuss,Dragneels,and the Eucliffe's. Her father leaves her with his debts and disappears, She goes to the Dragneels but only because they are closes to her home and hoped they'd accept her apology and let her off even though that was unlikely, but wouldn't hurt to try. 
"Hello, Im sorry but my father has left all his debts to me and I have no way to pay them, I am sorry and I hope you will accept my apology." I stood and bowed.
"Raise your head child, I will not be able to let you off the hook that easily but I do have a job you could do to pay your debt back." I looked up at him with a questioning look and he continued "You will work for my son Natsu Dragneel, as a personal maid and I do have something else to tell you but that is for you to know if you accept my offer." He said with a hopeful look. I looked at him then thought about it 'it can't be bad that can it?' I smiled "I accept your offer." He stood and shook my hand then a woman with blue hair and brown/onyx eyes walked up to me and hugged me "I hope you will help me son." she whispered and left. I went home to prepare for my new home and new life.There's a secret even Natsu and Lucy dont even know.
(Im bad at summaries but I hope you will enjoy!)

....... My parents thought I was being murdered because I screamed in fangirl mode
CUTE PICTURE OF NALU!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍
That rude ass motherf^cker! How dare he! I wouldn't shed a damn tear if he fell off a cliff while running away from his debt like the little b^tch he is!!!!
MamaNalu MamaNalu Jul 14, 2016
And the father of the year award goes to.. Jude Heartfilia!!
coolcat713 coolcat713 Jun 28, 2016
Author i dont think you shoulda put the lady as her cousin maybe her mothers closest friend cause what you got it on right now is just nasty maybe you should change it before other people read it
ThatOneMusicFreak ThatOneMusicFreak Nov 02, 2016
Ooohhh. "I hope you two will hit it off if you know what I mean😉"