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In which a girl who is often mistaken for a male bumps into and makes friends with SEVENTEEN at her performing arts school...

         ...who have no idea she's a girl, and a soon-to-debut trainee from their company, at that.

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This was her chance to specify.... get the truth or lie detector.  We found out woozi was a seal
-uglypaboya -uglypaboya Jun 02
lol the fact that my voice is really deep as in deeper than gguks is just. . .
Well she is a girl but I believe jeonghan  beats most girls. With his flowy hair and beautiful face
When I watch Mansae I thought Jeonghan was a girl because damn He prettu
I'm still wondering, you know girls have boobs and you can see who is a boy and girl .-.
Even after a couple times of reading this, I still-
                              Ah, Jeonghan, you idiot.