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daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By CompleteDarkness Updated Jul 20

In which a girl who is often mistaken for a male bumps into and makes friends with SEVENTEEN at her performing arts school...

         ...who have no idea she's a girl, and a soon-to-debut trainee from their company, at that.

#512 in Humor [before wattpad changed the category to fanfic lmao]

boop1995 boop1995 Sep 09
I've replied to teachers in my native language of Romanian pretty often it's always so awkward when they ask me what I said cause I thought I spoke English!
lyssaegyo lyssaegyo Jun 24
So i was reading a book about seventeen and theu were the kingkas of the school. So they told this girl to come sit with them. So i thought if it was me i would cuss them out in sign language but if they knew sign language that would be awkward
c_lin13 c_lin13 Feb 15
Why does this feel like this is Jeonghan and Sehun's child😂😂
Ruby_Roses7 Ruby_Roses7 Jan 25
This has actually happened to me, I was showing my friends a song and while I was getting something kiss kiss started playing...
BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 Dec 21, 2016
I was like "HOW COULD THEY LET THE INNOCENT MEMBERS HEAR THIS?!?" And then they came out with 'Call me Baby' so I was like "whew no innocence taken"
exogot7bangtanboys exogot7bangtanboys Oct 28, 2016
LMAO , me when I forget to turn off my music and someone reaches for my earphones