Royalty Exposed

Royalty Exposed

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Sarah Richards By girlonthecoast Updated 6 days ago

Glitz and glamour is something that Morgan Branson has never known. It's only something that she's seen from afar since there is royalty that lives in the town she resides in. For Morgan, royalty isn't just some fairy tale in a storybook. It's real as the leaves on a tree. And it's something that her town is proud to have as apart of their culture. Morgan's not so interested in the royal family though. She's more interested in her writing and creating stories about people who lead an everyday normal life like she does. It's what she knows best because unlike the royal family and like so many other families in her town, Morgan doesn't come from a wealthy family. She lives in the part of the town where the families are struggling, but still full of love and laughter.

More money would just be a bonus because Morgan knows that money isn't everything. It turns people in the cruelest of people just because it gives them power. And when power falls into the wrong hands, then things don't look so good for anyone who threatens that power. So Morgan doesn't care that her family isn't rich like others. She doesn't care if the prince is single and looking to mingle for a future wife like the other young women in her town. Morgan could even care less if she happened to meet that single prince one day.

She just wants her world to stay the same and never to be thrown into the world of glitz and glamour where people judge you and throw their wealth around. Morgan's perfectly fine with being in a poor family and falling in love with some boy who's just like her. But sometimes things don't always go your way or the way you planned them too. Sometimes you end up meeting a real life prince and finding that he makes your heart race in no other way that it's raced before.

Sometimes when you're so set on not getting into the royal lifestyle, you're exposed into it when that single prince finds you to be more interesting than all the other young women who have thrown themselves at him.

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sandrahnv sandrahnv Feb 24
It will be interesting... I can't imagine how Carter looks like. In fact I can't imagine anyone. Have I missed something? 
                              At the moment I am reading a book from Arthur Conan Doyle.  I don't know how to translate it. But it was his first one about Sherlock Holmes.
Like he said, they only want the best. He didnt say they're not human.
Same I avoid getting into fight with ny sister as much as I can