Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat

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loverslane By loverslane Updated Dec 22, 2010

Diana White has lived in Popponaw since she was born. Her best friend Olivia Li, joins her in living an average simple nice boring life, until the Gaudets come along.


All amazingly gorgeous three brothers, mysterious, young, handsome. Sharing the same hair, a dark black and different eye colors.

And on Halloween Night.

Everything changes.


A Vampire Romance, definitely differing from the usual 'Twilight'.

This time. No one's good.
This time. The world's changed.
This time. We get more creatures.
And this time. We have a proper saga.

Synopsis(Reformatted) & Novel
Copyrighted work, 2010.

TheAmericanWannabe TheAmericanWannabe Jul 26, 2012
- Wow! This is Amazing! I really LOVE the way you described Logan (Lucas). He really sounds like a HOTTIE! Love it! Could you maybe read my books?
loverslane loverslane Jul 24, 2012
@EmoShelby4Life definitely! how did you discover my story, could i ask? i've not updated it in over a year xx
EmoShelby4Life EmoShelby4Life Jul 18, 2012
If a sparkling vamp walked up to me I don't care if he was stabbing me repeatedly I would be laughing at him. The terrifying vamps rock.
loverslane loverslane Oct 24, 2010
@vampireshadowkiss thanks ger (: I knew it was you as soon as you said fang-tastic (: good writing of your story. love the title. fan and vote me pls?
loverslane loverslane Oct 23, 2010
@luvluver Thank you! (: LOL it was supposed to be not like those titles that describe the whole plot. 
loverslane loverslane Oct 03, 2010
@poppata Thank you! :D For that I've written chapter 3 already. A cliff hanger again :P Gosh I love the suspense. But 3 Chapters in 1 day! :D Proness :P