I'm Back (Dipper x reader) [COMPLETED]

I'm Back (Dipper x reader) [COMPLETED]

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Gay Trash By Essencede Completed

Sequel to Pine Tree! Read Pine Tree first or you won't get this story! 

I don't own Gravity Falls!

Y/n is back after two years of training, and decides to visit Mabel and Dipper! What will happen when she finds out that Dipper is dating Pacifica? What will happen to y/n's arranged marriage?

KayleighBoone KayleighBoone 2 days ago
:gives her my "back off or I will literally rip your head off and then tear you into shreds" look: Dippingsauce is mine lady!!! Back off.
maciemoosiemoo maciemoosiemoo Dec 26, 2016
I saw this book in my recommended section. I read the title and thought it said "I'm Black".
otabek_altin otabek_altin Dec 02, 2016
A_Teenage_Oreo A_Teenage_Oreo Sep 18, 2016
Oh god. When it said Married, I thought it was the jerk Zach again.
KayleighBoone KayleighBoone 2 days ago
Bro. :secretly rips her head off and chops off the rest of her limbs then sets them on fire and buries the ashes 20 ft under ground: You are mine Dipping Sauce
Mariculousfan Mariculousfan Oct 17, 2016
How the heck did this happen right under my ego. Which is really small.