I'm Back (Dipper x reader) [COMPLETED]

I'm Back (Dipper x reader) [COMPLETED]

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Gay Trash By Essencede Completed

Sequel to Pine Tree! Read Pine Tree first or you won't get this story! 

I don't own Gravity Falls!

Y/n is back after two years of training, and decides to visit Mabel and Dipper! What will happen when she finds out that Dipper is dating Pacifica? What will happen to y/n's arranged marriage?

suguha_death suguha_death 6 days ago
Oreo-Queen Oreo-Queen Sep 18
Oh god. When it said Married, I thought it was the jerk Zach again.
SkylarWARS SkylarWARS Jul 23
Garroth : DANTE You're DEAD....wait....wrong dimension 
                              Me : ..............🙃
How the heck did this happen right under my ego. Which is really small.
*grabs knife and charges out after Pacific's* *stabs her and stabs her limp body multiple times* *teleports her and the knife to the mindscape* *comes back* *slaps dipper and then kisses him*
You LIAR you said and I QUOTE " I will never love anyone but you " you ... you fuckin manwhore