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bookworm_bimbo By bookworm_bimbo Updated Jun 21, 2017

ˌtran(t)ˈsendəns/    (noun)
  *existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.
  "the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world"
This is a story about a girl just living her mundane life until one day, after a series of weird happenings, she shifts & transforms into an amazing powerful creature. A thing she didn't even know she could do. 

Keep reading to discover her story as she rediscovers who she is & what this new ability says for her & her future...and any dangers that may lie in her path...

** Please be patient as this is a work in progress & I've yet to write a plot. 
 I work full time & this is my hobby so there will be slow updates. 
 Thank you & Enjoy!

  • fantasy
  • future
  • kitty
  • meow
  • sarcasm
  • serenity
  • shifter
  • transcendence
  • werecat
bookworm_bimbo bookworm_bimbo Sep 07, 2015
                              thanks! This was day #2, so it was more bearable than the first day :) esp after caffeine. Now where to go for the rest of the story??? Lol
Kiiracacais Kiiracacais Sep 07, 2015
When I get them, It drives me into a dark room and even the smallest noise bothers me. So you're lucky to be able to think when having one :)