How You Get the Girl

How You Get the Girl

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feyre By steinfields Updated Apr 23, 2016

Marina Jacobsen and Elliot Martin have been friends since the start of secondary school, the moment they met they knew that they would become the greatest of friends. From their meticulously planned devious pranks to their hilarious banter and inside jokes, they knew that their friendship would be everlasting. 

When Elliot confides in Marina about his developing romantic feelings for the new girl, Erin Ford, she compiles a check list and set of rules to help her best friend get the girl who cannot seem to evade his every thought.

Little did she know that whilst Elliot was completing each and every requirement that she had written down for him to follow, she would be falling for him with every box he ticked off.

| cover credit: the lovely @decadently|

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Baileybexr Baileybexr Jul 30, 2017
I actually remember my best friends Oma told me this when I was 13 when she was telling me that she sees us getting together when we're older. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! 16 and crushing on him now
Baileybexr Baileybexr Jul 30, 2017
Dang it I can already tell my heart is going to hurt from this but its totally worth it
DrummersGirl1 DrummersGirl1 Apr 17, 2016
This is why my 2nd grade project was dedicated to De. Seuss little me knew what was up yeah!
Aashi Aashi Apr 07, 2016
this sounds very interesting, good luck with your book love x
athousandbees athousandbees Mar 04, 2016
Naw,  this sounds like the cutest thing. Love interests who bounce off each other? My kind of stuff.
shespokewithmagic shespokewithmagic Mar 10, 2016
the plot sounds cute as hell, i'm ready to be swept off my feet and board the Team Elliot&Marina ship!!