Assassin in Black: City of redemption

Assassin in Black: City of redemption

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annacarynna By annacarynna Updated Jun 21, 2017

"What's deadlier?" I asked, staring at the young Captain.

 His brown eyes stared at me, peering through me like he could see all my secrets, every lie and every kill.

"A knife to the heart, or a arrow to the stomach?" His eyes never left mine as I reached forward, grabbing the card deck and straightening the deal in my hands

 The old and worn cards rubbed against my palm, scratching and tickling my skin. I kept my face blank, staring back at the captain as I shuffled the card deck in my hand. 

"Honor or efficiency?" He questioned. His right hand went up to his mouth, his pinky staying almost glued to his palm while his other fingers stayed folded in a ninety degree angle. His thumb seemed to be caught between his lips, his tongue occasionally popping out to lick the drying skin -in a very sexy way.

 I readjusted in the round chair, sighing out heavily as I spoke. My eyes were trained on the cards, ignoring the straight and simple fact that this young Captain had somehow managed to turn me on by doing the simplest of things in his book.

"Honor." I moved my eyes back up to his, waiting for a reply as I raised my brows.

 He stayed emotionless and still, almost manikin like. His eyes weren't trained on mine anymore and he seemed to be staring off in a daze, like he was calculating and weighing the odds in his head.

"A large crowd or a private function?" His eyes snapped up to mine.

  A small smile curved into the corner of my mouth as I stilled the cards in my hand.

"Large crowd, Captain." I leaned forward, setting the cards in the middle of the table. My body reclined in the uncomfortable palace chair, my hands resting on the arm rests.

"Knife." I raised a brow in surprise.

"Wrong." I couldn't help the smugness in my voice as I replied. 

"How?"  His cool and calm demeanor shattered like a chandler hitting the ground as he sat up.

"Kill forty seven, large crowd, arrow to the stomach. A town square if I remember correctly." 

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