Chasing After Her

Chasing After Her

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Jasmin By loveyou1977 Updated Mar 21

"Car why don't you believe us?We love you" Alexander said

"First off dont call me Car its Carla and second I don't care what you say I don't need anyone to love me" I say 

but maybe that was the wrong thing to say because the way Alexander and his brother  are looking at me,I think I might have went a little to far.

"What do you mean you don't need anyone to love you" god Alex's voice is like music to my ears Carla get a grip on yourself, remember people are only going to use you do not trust anybody.

"That is none of your business so leave me the hell alone" I yell at them

God,they just frustrate me to the end.

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MoreIssuesThanV0uge MoreIssuesThanV0uge Oct 01, 2017
Okay. Hold. My. Ice cream. This Bitch's face is just waiting to get slapped!!!
Sunni1989 Sunni1989 Dec 07, 2017
Nope no I'm not, I would have done the same and not felt sorry about it, but that's just me I'm stubborn like that.
Beautiful_Starz Beautiful_Starz May 06, 2017
Ooo okay. *shakes head sarcastically* Fight me mother, fight me right now! 💪😠👊
I didn’t go to my mum’s cousin engagement because she told me to put makeup on. Her definition of makeup is like icing on a cake.
queen_bobmanuel queen_bobmanuel May 14, 2017
That was the right thing to say 
                              Why should I shed a few weight not even for my wedding 
                              Someone else's 😒
Sunni1989 Sunni1989 Dec 07, 2017
Exactly how I feel against my step sister, who's a model, nutritionist, and married to a rich guy.......I'm not her nor do I want to be like her and I'm fricking 29 years old and still treated this way.