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K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Updated Jun 23, 2016

Turning around with the saddle in hand he had every intention of hitting the hay himself, but stopped short when he felt the cold metal that could only belong to a barrel of a gun.

“Stop right there Mister.” A girl spoke forcefully as she pushed her rifle down to the middle of his back “State your business here before I shoot ya clear in two.”

He dropped the saddle and held his hands up “My name is Cole Bryant,” he said wishing he could turn and look at the spunky girl behind him- was this Christina?

“We ain’t never heard of a Bryant.” This time a young man joined them from the shadows, he also held a rifle in hand, and a small lantern that he put on a work table before stepping closer.

“Peter!” the girl all but yelled behind him “I told ya to go to bed! Have you just decided to stop listening to me all together?”

 “Chris, lemme help- you can’t just hold someone at gun point by yourself- what if he outsmarted you?” 

 “Peter, I am the oldest I can take care of you! Now go back inside with Johna!”

Cole cleared his throat to keep from laughing, obviously Christina was far more spunky than he had originally thought- and she has siblings, that hadn’t even occurred to him. 

“I am sorry to interrupt but I sure am tired… My name is Cole Bryant, and this land you’re standing on belongs to me.”

sharnilouise sharnilouise May 25, 2016
Who is that on the front cover? Love this already btw great story
Mekhlasharma Mekhlasharma Sep 07, 2015
Anything from you is a treat to your readers. Great start. Looking forward to more.
ggsperanza ggsperanza Sep 07, 2015
I was lucky enough to live in Kansas for a year.. One of my favorite places ❤️
ggsperanza ggsperanza Sep 07, 2015
I loved this!! Fabulous start :) I can't wait to read more :)
- - Sep 07, 2015
I'm so excited to read this book! You've already get me hooked!
beryl57 beryl57 Sep 06, 2015
As always your first chapter has me hooked. Can't wait for more!