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Desiree Brett By ddonohue78 Updated May 07, 2018

Nicole Klein has grown up in the very lap of luxury.  Her father has always doted upon her.  She attends only the best schools.  Is instructed by top ballet instructors.  Anything her heart desires is hers.

In truth... she rarely see's her father.  The top schools that she attends are all on-line.  In order to leave the posh NY apt, she requires a military zone of personnel.  Her ballet instructors come to her private studio.  Nicole is a prisoner--and a freak.

When she finds herself on her own for the first time, she must learn to use her strange abilities.  Along the way she makes an unlikely friend through a tracker who her father has set after her, who helps her learn what she really is.

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Whoisacatlover Whoisacatlover Aug 16, 2016
Yes! @ddonohue78 you've started uploading the sequel! You've made my evening!
InsertBadPunHere InsertBadPunHere Dec 14, 2016
Why doesn't she just leave, if she's turning twenty then shes legally old enough leave. His dad can't keep her there.