Deadly Mate

Deadly Mate

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Wolf£ By Mirandaaajeanne Updated Jul 16, 2018

[ I would recommend reading the first book to the "Mate series" or you will be extremely confused.] 

"Beautiful, beautiful Speed Demon." The rouge hissed. His rotten breath hit my nose, making me want to upchuck. 
"It was so easy to catch you... Almost to easy." His face scrunched up into a nasty scowl. It was true, though it was supposed to be easy to catch me.
"I guess I'm not the best." 

Lie. I was the best Speed Demon in the Glint pack. 

"I guess not." He smirked. "But you puppy... Are all mine." He moved a piece of my hair. 
"What makes you think that?" I scoffed keeping my cool. "Because I have you tied up! You are trapped! And you are mine puppy." He laughed, I rolled my eyes, then cracked my neck. 
"What makes you think I'm still tied up?" I scoffed standing up and stretching. He growled before charging at me. Before he could touch me I had wrapped my hand around his neck snapping it, killing him in the process.
 "I don't go by puppy." I scoffed a smirk played on my lips. 

"I prefer to be called Callie."

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jamlesskidd jamlesskidd May 21, 2018
I swear if they don’t end up being mates I’ll kill myself
kamile0818 kamile0818 May 06, 2016
So wait this story isn't about April and Asher... I'm so confused... Is this story is going to be about Callie?
BookWormQueen14 BookWormQueen14 Oct 01, 2016
juiceboxie juiceboxie Jan 19, 2016
Lol👇👇👇 can you please read my new book, Unexpected Bad Boy? Then tell me what cha think
Ibeelavish Ibeelavish Jan 08
Or something very natural for example matting?? Maybe?? No?? Okay
FinestToxicityAround FinestToxicityAround Sep 03, 2018
In the last book I said I was going to cry. The second I read his name I started crying. 😭😭😭