Just A Dare (Scömìche)

Just A Dare (Scömìche)

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❤ Heather Grassi-Hoying ❤ By AnimeAndSuperfruit Updated Oct 27

Scott Hoying is a hot popular. Mitch Grassi is a weird nerd. What could happen when Scott's best friend dares him to date the before mentioned nerd for a few bucks? Easy, right? You would be wrong there. 

Scott Hoying x Mitch Grassi 
High school AU 

Not sure of update schedule yet! <3

TBH this is the best book I have ever read for scomichë other than a few others
I sat through this whole chapter like, "Mitch is our queen! And Mitch is beautiful! And Mitch LIFE!!!"
ThearBear ThearBear Apr 09
I am taking away ALL of your snap backs. And you can't do ANYTHING about it.
No..... it's taking over... Scott... I love you but..... * raises Tomahawk* I have to hurt you...
Dont complain scott i would chop off one of my limbs just so i could talk to mitch
......Mitch: *cries*(
                              Me: Aw! Who hurt you Ms
                              Mitch: points to Derek.
                               Me:..... * grabs tomahawk* listen, bitch... how about you leave him alone or else I will take this here tomahawk and go to work. Chop - chop motherfucker.