Lucky I'm in Love with my Bestfriend {Book 1}

Lucky I'm in Love with my Bestfriend {Book 1}

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Natsu has been best friends with Lucy since she moved there her freshman year. It's senior year everything was going well until he showed up. The new transfer student Luke showed up and Natsu realized his true feeling for Lucy.

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{sept 13 - feb 11}

Characters belong to the writer and creator of Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima.

Meh that movie was alright not my favorite and definitely not tear worthy
That's actually a really good movie and I cried so much! 😭😭
OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE when I watched it, it was like 1am and I was crying I couldn't stop watching it either that's my favorite movie😋😍❤🔐💯
Lucy I'm in love with my best friend! Lucky to have been where I have been! Sorry I just love that song
Yuuki-chawn Yuuki-chawn Aug 30
This movie is awesome and also so sad i love ❤ it😍😭😭
I love that this how he talks cause it makes it so obvious, like seriously dude 😂. By the way I love the book.