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Straw Hat Fairy By PandaUnicornLover Updated Jun 11, 2016

The Grand Magic Games are coming up. Last year, Fairy Tail won the games. And they're hoping to win again this year.  Ever since Lisanna came back, Lucy's been ignored. But one person paid attention to her.


Everyone started to ignore Juvia too ever since she started talking to Lucy. They both wanted to train so they can get stronger and not embarrass the guild like last year. 

Then that day happened. 

When they walked into the guild, they heard everyone talking about them. They heard every single word. They both were hurt and decided to leave the guild. They trained for 3 months and their goal was to beat Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games. But in order to beat them, they have to join a guild. So  they chose the guild that Fairy Tail hates.


The twin dragon slayers take an interest in them. Will they be able to fix their broken hearts?

Natsu.... But soon... It will be Sting or Rouge, it happens on every book
                              No..... Not her......
                              NO THAT'S NOT THE NAME!!!!!
                              I GOT IT!!!!!
- - Mar 13
I'm scared to reply on thus cause if I do it will become 70 comments I want it to stay at 69
CedalVaderii CedalVaderii Oct 12, 2016
.....................*breathes in* .....*breathes out* .......... YOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! WHY DONT U TRY TO BE IN THEIR PLACE!!!! OH MAG GAWD I WNAT TO CURSE
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Aug 27, 2016
I will kill them in their sleep, even if I go to jail... 👿
levytan levytan Aug 29, 2016
                              He's probably be dead tbh
                              I mean
                              All of them
                              At once
                              :") I would love to see it happen though (only in the fanfictionL