All That's Left is Hope [a LOTR fan fiction]

All That's Left is Hope [a LOTR fan fiction]

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Lauren By Always_Lozza Completed

When Ember thought about her future, she never considered that she would be transported from her world to Middle Earth for reasons she doesn't yet understand. But this became a reality, and Ember is left trying to figure out what she must do in this new world.

Without any guidance other than her own assumptions, Ember proceeds to join nine others in a Fellowship to destroy the One Ring; not only to destroy evil, but to protect its bearer, who holds a striking similarity to someone in her past.

But unknown dangers and foes aren't all Ember encounters on her journey. After discovering her true purpose in this world, not only is more pressure placed upon her shoulders, but she finds herself the target of evil.

Can Ember muster to strength to continue this journey, or will she succumb to the darkness that closes in around her?  

Please Note: I only own Ember. Everything else belongs to J.R.R Tolkien. This story will be based on the movies - I find them easier to follow compared to the books. So when things are a little different compared to the actual books, I'm sorry. So, I guess everything but Ember belongs to Peter Jackson as well.

SkyB1113 SkyB1113 Dec 13, 2016
great intro nice hook okay now that the professional review is done HYPE HYPE HYPE
momo_dibo_dania momo_dibo_dania Apr 03, 2016
I dunno what came over me.... its like I've watched lotr a long time ago but only now am I obsessed... yea call me crazy
YourCoolDad YourCoolDad Feb 11
This is the story of a poor girl who went through emotional stuff she wished at the time would disappear.
                              aka most fanfiction
                              (sorry if this is unacurate I tried)
IAdrienetteI IAdrienetteI Oct 12, 2016
Am I the only one that thought this was going to be a LOTR and Narnia crossover because of Susan on the cover?
momo_dibo_dania momo_dibo_dania Apr 03, 2016
Greay way to start the story! I love it already. Cant wait to read on!!😄😄
victim_of_fandoms victim_of_fandoms Apr 18, 2016