Love me like you do *COMPLETED*

Love me like you do *COMPLETED*

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Hinny Fanfiction- This book is not like any other- it takes place after the battle of Hogwarts. Inside you'll loose yourself, create a world where your OTP Hinny is your number one... enjoy XD (Excuse the mistakes)


"Love?" Harry's cold voice shook sending echoes bouncing making me wince slightly.

"So you've never loved before?" I asked-- well nah Gin! Rolling my eyes I looked at Harry.

"Love? I don't believe in love" Harry snickered and I glared at him coldly. Heartless guy! Harry put his top back on, sighing I bit my lower lip. Please take it off--

"Are you sure? You don't love your family?" I quirk a brow and he thought for a moment. Hesitating eh?

"I do but I've never loved a girl before, I don't do relationships after the Cho incident". He poked my nose and I pursed my lips. Right... I wanna kinda prove to him wrong that even him a player could fall in love but am I willing to risk myself for him? Love is the only cure for a player and I don't know if I would use myself for trial and error. What happened to the Harry? Who he saw the world as he loves his family and friends. Maybe I could bring him back, after all Dumbledore told me love is the cure for most things these days.

"Alright since you're a player, let's play a game" I said and this caught his attention.

Harry nodded curious.

"Let's pretend to be in a relationship, let's act like a couple for three months and whoever falls in love first? Loses!" I stated

Most of these Characters are mine but the rest belong to Rowling. Mature Content! 13+

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HarryPotterBeliever HarryPotterBeliever Apr 01, 2017
This story is soo weird, and yet I love it!!!! <3 <3 <3 E>E>
Grace_of_Mind Grace_of_Mind Mar 18, 2017
Its almost totally different from the Harry Potter series! I love it!
Clary_Landrose Clary_Landrose Jul 06, 2016
I started to read this story and I am captivated. You have a lot of good books girl. 😄😉❤️
luhanburrger luhanburrger Dec 23, 2015
Oddly enough, my name is Sarah
                              Is my name that common ;-;
Anonymous_Crazy_Girl Anonymous_Crazy_Girl Dec 03, 2015
I just love it mate! I like Emilie's moto and I totally agree ;)
-__Stilinski__- -__Stilinski__- Dec 02, 2015
It's turning out to be a really good story. Keep up the good work (:))