Love me like you do {Re-Editing} *COMPLETED*

Love me like you do {Re-Editing} *COMPLETED*

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Hinny Fanfiction- This book is not like any other- it takes place after the battle of Hogwarts. 

Cold, heartless, charming, player, rich and famous Harry Potter is now what you call a total package but one thing changed him-how? Read and find out.  

Smart, beautiful, Witty, Bold and strong Ginny Weasley, is not your average girl. She sets a task out ahead and watch it unravel before your eyes. A game--a silly game- for what? No strings attached right? We'll let's see who does. 

Love me like you do is one of my favourites so please take it handy with corrections I am editing most of my books! 

"Love?" Harry's cold voice shook sending echoes bouncing making me wince slightly.

"So you've never loved before?" I asked-- well nah Gin! Rolling my eyes I looked at Harry.

"Love? I don't believe in love" Harry snickered and I glared at him coldly. Heartless guy! Harry put his top back on, sighing I bit my lower lip. Please take it off--

"Are you sure? You don't love your family?" I quirk a brow and he thought for a moment. Hesitating eh?

"I do but I've never loved a girl before, I don't do relationships after the Cho incident". He poked my nose and I pursed my lips. Right... I wanna kinda prove to him wrong that even him a player could fall in love but am I willing to risk myself for him? Love is the only cure for a player and I don't know if I would use myself for trial and error. What happened to the Harry? Who he saw the world as he loves his family and friends. Maybe I could bring him back, after all Dumbledore told me love is the cure for most things these days.

"Alright since you're a player, let's play a game" I said and this caught his attention.

Harry nodded curious.

"Let's pretend to be in a relationship, let's act like a couple for three months and whoever falls in love first? Loses!" I stated

Most of these Characters are mine but the rest belong to Rowling. Mature Content! 13+

Grace_of_Mind Grace_of_Mind 6 days ago
Its almost totally different from the Harry Potter series! I love it!
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It feels so good to read ur books again, it makes me so happy my mom let me make another account here.
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I started to read this story and I am captivated. You have a lot of good books girl. 😄😉❤️
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Oddly enough, my name is Sarah
                              Is my name that common ;-;
Scotty03 Scotty03 Dec 03, 2015
This is starting off in a very interesting way Your Friend and Avid Reader ?
Ginny_weasley7 Ginny_weasley7 Dec 03, 2015
correction you * love the writer so much * ;) @Ginny_Weasley5