The Babysitter (Complete)

The Babysitter (Complete)

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"Jealousy's a weak emotion." - Jay Z

Shawn and his wife, Kayla, are looking for the perfect babysitter for their son, Jacob. Shawn has his differences, but what happens when he started falling for the new babysitter?

Whyyyyyy is there sooooo much "I love you" on the first day of meting someone new ..... Really !!!!!! U don't think ur exaggerating a bit ??? Stww
- - Jun 03
Ohhhhh my gosh now that's shocking even worse with him saying I love you 😂😂😂😂
supaaflyy supaaflyy Apr 04
Wait... So The baby is Lyndell's and not one of the dudes' that raped her?
- - Jun 03
Y'all when I read this my eyes literally pop out, whaaaaaaattt
tonilove4 tonilove4 Mar 26, 2016
I knew it was Lyndell ass let me go find this nigga *puts on shoes and grabs gun* alright I'm ready🚪🏃💨
_bossss___ _bossss___ Apr 04, 2016
She know she want all his money don't hate take yo pathetic behind on somewhere