Everything I Don't Want ✓

Everything I Don't Want ✓

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*this book is not edited and contains loads of mistakes*

River doesn't want a mate. He certainly doesn't want Connor. Or, maybe he does. He's still trying to work that part out. 

As Alpha of the Crescent Skies pack, he has no time for things like relationships or partying or being a normal teenager. He's a full blown alpha and that's all he cares about. So when he meets his bratty mate, aka the "fabulous" Connor who is two whole years his junior, he can't be more confused. Why would the goddess pair him with someone he has absolutely nothing in common with? Connor's bratty, selfish, loud, immature, and painfully flamboyant. And it makes him hot all over.

It's an odd feeling for the alpha. He's never felt romantic feelings toward anyone, no boy or girl. He didn't even know he was gay. Now he has to realize his sexuality, all while trying to keep up with the loud criticism coming from his bratty little mate. Apparently it's unnatural for someone to wear straight leg pants. Once again, how in the world does the goddess choose these mates and what in the world does she have in store for him?

**BxB** (Contains Relationships Between Two Men) cover by @peakybooo

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I usually have lunch at 3.30 pm, twelve thirty is so early for me
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J's are a thing in my family except for my mom her initials are S.C while all of ours is J.C.
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My high schools so big! It has a indoor and outdoor pool, Two gyms, it's 5 floors and has 13 bathrooms. I was terrified my first day I thought I'd get lost and end up in the seniors hallway.
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Mine is smashed fvcked up beyond repair  iPhone 5s that can't even write a long sentence without fvcking up everything.
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Our town is really small and we have 27 churches, so he has a point in my part.
I really liked the chapter and the characters and hope everything will well