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Another Uchiha (ItaSaku Akasaku)

Another Uchiha (ItaSaku Akasaku)

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Your a diamond dear, they can't break you- Sakura Haruno 
Sakura Haruno's life is a series amazing events, chances taken you can only dream of, friends that only exist in movies,family that's with you every step the way. She is the type of person that is free from everything and everyone. Nothing ties her back, but what if she really is caged behind invisible bars, her whole life.

She lives in a Village called Konoha, an only child, amazing parents, and talented friends. She decides she wants to become a ninja, so in the Academy, away from everything she knows she was on the team that consists of three people her sensei Kakashi, team mates Naruto Uzmaki, and Sasuke Uchiha her best friends,but after all her luck runs dry Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto goes after him but leaves her behind, Kakashi follows Naruto leaving her in a Village that thinks she is the reason they left. Her mom goes missing dad Is suspected of faking his death as well, leaving her alone. So when grieving, ready to die she gets confronted by another Uchiha.

He sets her straight, gives her a family, loved ones, slowly she's lucky again. 

Thanks to another Uchiha

Mythical101 Mythical101 Oct 09, 2016
I hardly ever see my brother.... I have to beg for hugs.... oh.... my.. face.. is wet..... it.... doesn't matter... right?
Naraka_Shuhei Naraka_Shuhei Mar 17, 2016
Literally started crying thanks author Chan ( I'm also sick too :O :O )
Vianne_Faye24 Vianne_Faye24 Dec 15, 2016
WAIT!!! *gets out camera* I DIDN'T GET TO TAKE IT!! SMILE AGAIN, DAMMIT!!!
VampireAngel4Life VampireAngel4Life Apr 10, 2016
You care more about making him say something else than Hn? XDDDDD
lol i just read the name of PureRandomnes101 and accadently said PureAwesomness101 haha!
Duchess_of_Insanity Duchess_of_Insanity Sep 03, 2016
Itach is emo it has been confirmed.  He greets the darkness of his room with a warm smile. O.O