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Voldemort's Lost Grandson (PJO/HP)

Voldemort's Lost Grandson (PJO/HP)

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nert By Chaotic_Angelsass Updated Sep 10, 2016

Percy Jackson is betrayed by Annabeth. He leaves camp and goes to Olympus, where he gets blessed by Hecate, Hades, Hestia, Zeus, and Artemis. Hecate gave him knowledge of a wizard. 
Hades gave him power over shadows. 
Hestia gave him power over the hearth. 
Zeus gave him some of his domain.
Artemis gave him power over the moon and the best archery there is. 

With his powers, he goes on a mission to Hogwarts where he finds new friends and more enemies. 

What will happen when he realizes he can talk to, control, and turn into snakes? Or when he gets told he's related to Voldemort? Find out!!

Wattpad deleted my first description so I had to write a new one >-< Oh well! I only own the plot and new characters!

FangirlOfTheYear3000 FangirlOfTheYear3000 Aug 16, 2016
Wait! Why wouldn't Athena be mcgonagall  because her name in roman is Minerva? Oh well. We all knew mcgonagall was a goddess.
starfireravenwood starfireravenwood Dec 24, 2016
Bich that's not how you break up with someone that went to Tartarus for you!
                              You have to die for it to be acceptable
Sorry...I just can't...I've been laughing the whole time...just what even is this...
littlebit0715 littlebit0715 Nov 27, 2016
Don't tell me...he's gonna be the slytherin's heir and voldy moldy baldy's grandson
littlebit0715 littlebit0715 Nov 27, 2016
Welp, got that part about him being the Slytherin's heir wrong then...
MinecraftROSE67 MinecraftROSE67 Nov 23, 2016
Finally we know what year it is, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd because of Ron still having Peter at Hogwarts.