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Married to Mr. Nightmare|COMPLETED✔

Married to Mr. Nightmare|COMPLETED✔

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♡Kri♡ By Autumn_touched Completed





His marriage for him was just for public showing.
He was cruel, arrogant more precisely a NIGHTMARE.
He will do his best with his tortures on his so called wife.

Her marriage for her was more important then her own life.
She was sweet, tender and everything which can compare to a beautiful dream.
She will do her best to change her husband.

She was ready to heal his broken soul as she know that behind the façade of his NIGHTMARE self, he's just a broken person trying to survive battles with his hunted past.

But what she don't know that's there's lot more pain she has to suffer in her journey.
Maybe pain is what that had bind them together in the first place.

||Welcome to the journey of husband and wife as NIGHTMARE and DREAM||

afnan132 afnan132 Feb 09
Why does it feel like you're referring to me? Talk to me gal...Thank you
Thank u for saying something I can't say out loud that describes me ..
I've had this story in my library and resided it was time to give it a try😊
ellelolla ellelolla 21 hours ago
I hvnt even started reading your book Nd I love u already.
                              Lol. U just had to kill me at " exercised my brain like real hard"
Hugs and kisses 😘😘😘🙌🙌👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖...
Jeevikaviren2718 Jeevikaviren2718 4 days ago
Thanks for saying something that can make me feel like I am not alone.