Scryer's Gulch

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MeiLin Miranda By MeiLinMiranda Updated 3 months ago
Treasury Agent Annabelle Duniway is on the trail of a brilliant, twisted spellcaster in a 19th century mining town full of demons, ghosts and werecritters in this fantasy western mashup serial. Updates every Friday, and episodes 1-53 are available in ebook on Amazon:
Well, this is definitely the Wild West, but now I guess it's been turned into the Weird West. It's an interesting start for a Western, but I like it.
Was confused at the beginning but got me wanting to read more at the end:)
Love the Weird West and snarky demons! I'm excited to read the rest.
I believe Charles was referring to the "stiffy-dressed" children. ;-)
I definitely enjoyed this first little bit!  The transition to Annabelle's POV was  bit rough, but the hook at the end of the chapter is great.  I like the "Deadwood meets magic" vibe, it feels fresh and new to me.
I enjoyed this a lot. You capture the spirit of the time very well, and it's lovely to read.