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As Tris Prior continually smells the cologne, constantly feels the intense staring, always getting mesmerized in anticipation, she starts to develop feelings for Professor Eaton, the stern teacher who always seems to accidentally touch her in the wrong places, and just so happens to call her 'baby girl' or 'darling'. 

We fall in love with those who we can't have, we're tempted by the things hardest to resist. 

How much does she think about him?

How bad is his wanting for her? 

When will they act on this forbidden romance? 

These questions are asked, often.

Set in modern day.

Co-writer: hamiltonss

Cover: stargirl-secrets


redlipstick- redlipstick- May 30, 2016
"Ugh, Get yo finger out my mouth before I bite the hell out of it. And put it in my pusśy" I need help man..😂😂
redlipstick- redlipstick- May 30, 2016
Well, Damn boy I have to call my dad first. Weird kinky bitch.
redlipstick- redlipstick- May 30, 2016
Everyone is screaming about Paper towns and I'm here "And Down Your Dick."
FiddleNoodle FiddleNoodle Jun 29, 2016
You know, the University of Chicago is really, REALLY hard to get into.. It's mainly for for smart kids
redlipstick- redlipstick- May 30, 2016
Now bria, this makes me want to just throw my phone and quit life :)
LifeasTris LifeasTris Dec 17, 2016
I'm thankful I'm not in public, that I'm in my room reading this. 
                              And let me say. TOBIAS IS JUST KILLING ME! I NEED HOLY WATER