Falling in Love with No Good... (FINISHES..ALSO EDITING)

Falling in Love with No Good... (FINISHES..ALSO EDITING)

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13, 2017

As a child you wouldn't believe the shit Lovely had been threw. All that crazy shit made her the bad bitch she was today. Lovely had looks, body, brains, and backbone. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't let the pretty face and soft voice fool you. Lovely could be as deadily as one of the big dopeboys flossin in her hood. What happens when she riding shot gun next to one of them big dopeboys and is falling in love with NO GOOD? Thats where King came in. When the two met it was hood fairytale. Sparks flew. But when Lovely discovered Kings life will she wish she never had met him? Or use him to her advantage? Payback is a bitch.  Don't fall in love with NO GOOD. But expect it all to be good in the hood. With the 9mm. in hand. Lovely sure ain't playin' !! 

I wish I never met you boy. And its killing me to know I just can't have you in my world. Don't want to feel the way I feel about you.....King!

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MatangiSoul MatangiSoul Jul 20, 2017
A lovely intro. I'm already interested to see what she gets into
I had already read this book and I remember it being good asf, so I decided to read it again😂😂😂
MatangiSoul MatangiSoul Jul 20, 2017
Lovely will knife a girl. Dangerous, little bit crazy, perfect woman.
fatimahbah fatimahbah Jun 09, 2016
Already like this book and this explains my story except my mom living and it was my uncle😩
FIJI-LA FIJI-LA Jan 25, 2016
he's a mf disgusting ass nigga !! the books bool so far it just , that had me f*cked up .
drakemaraj drakemaraj Sep 20, 2015
Back to reading the queen of Wattpad's books; Idk why i stopped