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Pen Your Pride
Second Chance

Second Chance

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voldemort By aidahqirat Updated Dec 15, 2015

"You're scared, you are saying this to push me away. But it won't work I'm not leaving Sadaf. I need you, our daughter needs you. Grab my hand I won't let you fall baby." He whispered taking my face in his palms and staring into my eyes.Tears burnt my eyes. I want to grab your hand, keep you, trust you, take a chance. But I won't take a chance if there is a slight possibility of you getting hurt. Pushing the tears back I said, "There is no us Ali accept it. What did you think just because I slept with you I'll magically fall for you, get real." I snapped pushing him away. "I think you confused what we did for something it clearly wasn't. I am not interested in playing house, I didn't need a husband just a father for Hajira. Because if you are forgetting I'll remind you I already had a husband!" 
"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted punching the wall behind my head. My eyes widened for just a second but even after all I had said to him I knew he wouldn't hurt me. 
"That's what it was wasn't it just a f-" 
"Don't you dare!" He shouted pressing his lips to mine. I resisted for a second but when he buried his hands in my hair and pushed me back against the wall tilting my head to the side I gave in.
Opening my mouth to let in his tongue.  Kissing him back with passionate fervor. I licked at his tongue, the taste of him soothing the ache inside, bringing me simultaneously a loss of control and peace .
But just as the kiss started it ended when I untangled my arms from around his neck and pushed him back
After Saad, Hajira and I were completely alone then he came into our lives. With his dimpled smile and deep grey eyes he saved us. Hajira fell in love instantaneously I resisted. I couldn't let him near me because it had been long proved what I touched burnt, lost who I loved. I pretended to hate him, breaking both our hearts in the process. 
But you can only pretend so long one day the truth comes out.
But sometimes it's too late.
A story of love loss and second chance

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This makes every soldier imp.we are indebted to them. Salute.
Cupcake_delirium Cupcake_delirium Mar 09, 2016
This chapter is so good that was feeling it. Just use commas and good punctuations. It will only make us to read easier
Cupcake_delirium Cupcake_delirium Mar 09, 2016
Omigod! This is totally my favorite 😘😍😘😘😍😘i love it like crazyyyyy
Cupcake_delirium Cupcake_delirium Mar 09, 2016
Omigod! This is totally my favorite 😘😍😘😘😍😘i love it like crazyyyyy
9A_R_K9 9A_R_K9 Dec 31, 2015
He writes such an emotional letter and asks her not to cry. Well you know what Saad, no your blue eyed girl is not crying but a certain black eyed girl is😭
9A_R_K9 9A_R_K9 Dec 31, 2015
Luff it x I should thank my cousin for telling me about this story😄