I love him, but he loves 'HER' (Jacob Black Love Story)

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a name you don't need to know. By Luvergirl99 Updated a year ago
Scarlett and her brother Alec move to La Push to live with their Uncle Sam. Scarlett is the kind of girl that doesn't give a fuck of what people think about her. She becomes friends with the whole pack but she doesn't know about them being wolfs. 
    Jake imprints on her but he is still in love with Bella.Will he face the fact that Bella will never be with him? 
    Will Scarlett and Jacob ever become something more than friends?
    But what happens when a secret comes out and Scarlett is the 'chosen one'. Read to find out...
Me: ok we need to be quiet..
                                    Stomach: OK THIS MUST BE THE PERFECT TIME TO MAKE DYING WHALE NOISES
                                    Me: WAIT NO-
                                    Stomach: GROUFHSNSBDFIEBDJDDNDJSJDBSJSNGR
I think u need a guy in there who likes her so jacob get jealous
Love it! Think it's funny how Paul did that to her, gross but funny. I'm probably saying that cause I might have a tinsy little crush on him, but who wouldn't? He's just so funny when be gets mad.
                                    Upload soon:D
interesting so far i like it!!!!!!!!!!!! plz upload soon im curious to know wt happens next!!! lol xD
I am really enjoying this story! Maybe you should put a guy in the book so Jacob will know how she feels.
                                    Please upload soon!