The Demon Hunter (Killua x Gon x reader) [COMPLETED]

The Demon Hunter (Killua x Gon x reader) [COMPLETED]

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I don't own Hunter x Hunter. 

Y/n is a girl that's 50% demon, 25% angel, and 25% human. She became a Hunter when she was twelve. She was in the same Hunter's Exam as Gon and the gang.

Gon and Killua are adventuring and find y/n. This fanfic about the group, and they love that may blossom.


•Has a cat named Crystal
•Crystal is her guardian
•Her mother is half human and half angel
•Father is 100% demon
•Her parents' location(s) are unknown
•She has the ability to change her hair color and eye color
•She has a demon form. (Black hair and red eyes)
•Her angel form is her with silver hair and golden eyes, but she likes to keep her blue eyes.
•She has blonde hair and blue eyes.
•She's fourteen

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