Yandere! Sting x Reader [Lemon/one-shot]

Yandere! Sting x Reader [Lemon/one-shot]

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JustFairyTailFangirl By JustFairyTailFangirl Updated Sep 06, 2015

[Y/N] [L/N] has been a Sabertooth member for exactly two years. You made a lot of close "friends" well, you tried anyways. You were the little sun of ray of the guild, was that why he was so attracted to you?

You never knew of the so-called "mating season" of the dragon slayers, you had no clue. Someone should have warned you, ah~ poor little [Y/N].


I don't owe everything except the plot.

I love the line "HE WASN'T GONNA INSERT THAT IN YOU. RIGHT? " I'm sitting here like,
                              "Naw dip Sherlock. "
this definitely escalated quickly. wow. i kinda enjoyed it minus the sting trying to kill rogue part. but..yeah i like the story..except the cheating and the killing....but it's good
My mind telling me no,but my body.....my body telling me yes
S-sting~senpai, so are you... I mean, leave me alone. Rogue!
Why am I so upset right now? Like, I know I like Rogue more but this is a Sting x Reader. I'm so weird😂😂
save ur selves i will save u rouge u r my one  and only ( JK)