Can I Make It Until Dawn? [Josh x OC] An Until Dawn Story

Can I Make It Until Dawn? [Josh x OC] An Until Dawn Story

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There isn't going to be much of a description here, so I apologize now.

As the title implies, this is a Josh x OC story.
I understand, Josh is a bit psycho, but I love him nonetheless (and I'm sure that I'm not the only one!)

"My name is Courtney, and this is my story of survival."

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Until Dawn, or any of the characters. I only own Courtney, and any little bit of story that I add. The original storyline does not belong to me either.

if this book wasn't already finished I'd say have Josh as a wendigo kill her, romeo and juliet lol
I love jess, even tho she's a cliche mean girl, gotta love her lol
I actually Started to like Jessica at the end, even tho I started shipping Sam and Mike so hard lol 
                              Am I the only one?
Aye I'm best friends with myself 😂 (my name's Hannah) 
                              But honestly those 3 are my favorite
parisparis25 parisparis25 7 days ago
I like jess idk why tho. It's Emily that o didn't like, however I liked her more towards the end
EmMercyisme EmMercyisme Mar 15
I don't think she likes Jess. But hey that's just a theory, a GAME theory.