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Banana Bus Squad - Stories for the heart.

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Patato-Punch By ErikaSkellington Updated 5 hours ago

H2OVanoss, TerrorSnuckle, MiniCat, BrOhm, OhmToonz, H2OToonz and non-FF, and more stuff 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING! NSFW! AND SMUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one shots of many things 
Grammar and spelling mistakes? Can you help me please? I would love to improve thank you 
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No! *hugs my teddy bear tight* he won't die... He won't die and leave Evan.. he won't..
Why would someone love you? The answer is because you're funny, cool, crazy and fun to be with.
... If I make myself small... you wouldn't even see me since I'm way too small.
Omgosh that was mean cute and sweet af wen he asked Jon if he was dead .crying that was beautiful
You should use 'he isn't waking up, and he is barely breathing'
I get emotional easily and look at me now... I'm a crying mess