My Mute Mate

My Mute Mate

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Just an average girl By Writer_Block13 Completed

Catherine Foster has had a pretty rough life so far. The death of her mother made her depress. Then the death of her only family member who loved her, her father, made her go mute. Unable to bring her self to causes many problems.

Xavier Storm has had a pretty rough life. The murder of his parents sent him over edge. He now spins most if his time looking for the murders and the rest running his pack. Having little patience for no one might cause terrible along the line.

When Catherine is mates with Xavier their world will turn upside down. Maybe in a good way.

FanFictongirl FanFictongirl Sep 18, 2016
I only clicked on the story because of the picture which is PERCABETH!
AdeolaEkemode AdeolaEkemode Apr 16, 2016
Did you draw all those pictures cause they are amazing love your story