Hidden Beauty( Beauty Regency Series) Book 1 Unedited

Hidden Beauty( Beauty Regency Series) Book 1 Unedited

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Sapphire Hersberry had transformed into a living corpse since her sister's death. She no longer enjoys the joys of life, such as the outdoors and nature, until her father sends her to live with a Duke along with other young ladies to fight for the heart of his rakish son.  

Damien Hesford wanted no part with this ridiculous idea of women invading his home to act as potential brides. It was ridiculous! His parents had agreed to have him chose a wife when he was ready. Why the threats and invasion to force him to such torture, now?

Lovely cover art by @boozled_

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JuVicCe34 JuVicCe34 Feb 11
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                              Il s'appelle " Tu es le risque que je veux prendre"
darkwolf_lalluby darkwolf_lalluby Mar 29, 2016
Dude hears a lesson.. good manners is called flirting in my country....
Whitewitch77 Whitewitch77 Dec 15, 2016
Lol....... My lip streching so wide..... Cant stop from grinning..
LadyRosabella LadyRosabella Feb 04, 2016
Haha! Glad the Lord spoke up for himself and didn't let that wicked mother chose his wife lol  He's polite and has a backbone, I like him already! Good job, writer!
Monydifo Monydifo Feb 17, 2017
Since you hooked us to the story please make time to write the next chapter
asatabardo asatabardo Oct 12, 2015
I know right neither do I lol.........I'm planning to reveal the reason in a later chapter. Thank you so much for reading:)