Sexy One Shots

Sexy One Shots

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Banana cookies By Casishubby Updated Nov 14, 2015

An erotica book full of hot and sexy one shots... 


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i’m shook. 2 of my close friends’ names are ashley and drake
ur_bbg_kay ur_bbg_kay Aug 08, 2017
Did anyone think of that song?
                              "hump me, fùck me, daddy betta make me choke..."
                              No one? Ok I'll go listen to the song in the corner...
Everyone over here like that my favorite drink and I’m over here sipping on my apple juice
ihelppeeps ihelppeeps Aug 12, 2017
Go go power rangers, 
                              Go go power rangers, 
                              Its Power ranger Dino super charge,
Non-Cavallini Non-Cavallini Nov 25, 2017
round 2?? bhitch there aint gonna be no round.
                              get ure ass to church and pray ya'll ain't pregnant
Cayla2Marie Cayla2Marie Jan 29
*starts reading* oh.. ok... *reads more* why am I reading this? *reads more* oh... that's why... *continues reading* 
                              O////////O *ovaries explode*