Haikyuu!! X Reader

Haikyuu!! X Reader

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... By kenmahs Updated Jan 07

"When crows flock,
      They might even kill,
               A huge white eagle."

r e q u e s t s: c l o s e d


DaisytheCaptain DaisytheCaptain Jul 17, 2016
I'm shorter than both Nishinoya and Hinata. Yeah, its not fun.
Asokbi Asokbi Sep 30, 2016
Ha I'm 6'0 I'm taller than all of y'all. But I kind of hate it because everyone always mentions my height when it isn't necessary.
absolutegrandheichou absolutegrandheichou Jun 19, 2016
can i request tsukki or bokuto soulmate au where u write stuff in ur wrist and it shows in ur soulmate's and they have conversations using they wrists and decided to meet up? and the rest is up to you 😂💕♥
Mari-Rua Mari-Rua Jun 17, 2016
Nishi please. I mean if I'm able to request him of course. Oh and make sure the reader is drunk
KalicaHibari KalicaHibari Jul 29, 2016
To all the smol beans out there, here's to you and good height growth!
sarcastic_taco sarcastic_taco May 20, 2016
You get to lie about your age and get cheaper or free meals off the kids menu its gr8