My name is Charlotte  (BWWM) (#TheWattys2016)

My name is Charlotte (BWWM) (#TheWattys2016)

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Ashley Downey By ashleynd92 Updated Nov 29

This is an incredible story about an African American  teenage girl who grew during up the early 1960s in Kentucky  and is attracted to her Caucasian neighbor. It was illegal for a African American to marry outside of their race in most Southern states until June 12, 1967.
      This story is a work of historical fiction. Any names or characters I use are completely fictional.
      I've tried to use as much fact as I have used fiction, and this story is currently a work in progress.

🎶 baby baby where did our love go oooh🎶 I love that song!!!
k00l_0ff k00l_0ff Apr 06
I use to have a best friend named Holden, I miss him so much lol the feels
Good story so far.It reminds me of the movie the Exchange student.Which I love :)